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Not only are our people being categorized by color but so re our neighborhoods. Williamsburg is the next to experience a takeover.

-the discrimination and racial issues involved in urban development.

Williamsburg is experiencing some new changes as more people of White and Jewish ethnicities are moving in. There is going to be a “color shift,” as poorer Hispanics and Blacks are being kicked out of this neighborhood through the rise of housing prices and rents.

I too have a dream….

Real life experience.

I had a really troubling nightmare two nights ago. I do not know exactly what it meant but I do remember an explosion right at the beginning of the dream that left a whole bunch of children lying dead over the ground in the playground behind my elementary school. I was there right before the explosion and I grabbed a few children with me and ran as far away from the premises as I could. I saved a few children’s lives in that dream. But I can’t forget the sight in my mind of all the other children lying dead in their own innocent blood. I woke up very troubled and I have had the dream in my mind ever since. All I know is that I might not be able to save every child, but even one child is enough for me to know I made a difference. With the help of others we can save thousands of children. Join me in my support to make this dream come true.


Fighting abortion with art.

Here are songs that have been written by artists Christafari and Barlowgirl in regards to this issue. This inspired me to write a song of my own. There is power in music and lyric I believe. Within this form, our message can reach the ears of many people around the world.



Heyy here’s the shortened version, of the song I recorded again, just in case you wanted to hear it again. Sorry about the quality!!! I plan to re-record it, the full version, when it is complete, and hopefully copyright it, as I’ve done with other songs I’ve written. Maybe I’ll send it to Bryan Kemper at silentday.org so they can post the full version on the website to advertise upcoming silent days protests and campaigns. Enjoy guys.

The Pro-Life Protestors

Heyy guys check out this video of all the protestors who participated in the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.

Look out for my picture, its there too! (1:15)

Post-Project Reflection

During the past semester I have begun to work on a project to find an end to abortion. Although I have always been opposed to abortion, my personal sentiments towards this issue has grown dramatically over the past semester and I have developed a fresh new passion for fighting off what I believe to be a major present injustice. I also agree that abortion has become a modern-day genocide and the American Holocaust. I don’t believe that there is anything that can stop me now from being a passive Pro-Life advocate.

When I was asked to create a project that either included researching and participating within a community group or raise awareness on a local and international issue, I knew that abortion would be the most satisfying project I could choose to do. Although I knew the topic would be difficult, controversial and trigger deep emotions to my personal being, I knew its worth outweighed every obstacle. I decided that by choosing this topic I would not only be raising awareness on the health, social, political issue involved within this area, but I would also be representing a community that is not just misrepresented, but completely absent of all representation.

The first step of my project included doing research on my topic. In my research I found out that 50, 000,000 babies have been aborted since January 22, 1973 when surgical abortion was legalized in the U.S. Research shows that 4,000 children are aborted every day. Abortions have become very common in the past 4 decades, and statistics show that 1 in 3 women have at least one abortion by the time the reach the age of 45. What really interested me was the fact that 93% of abortions occur because of social issues. This means that most abortions occur because the baby is either unwanted or inconvenient. This made me wonder: if we would concentrate more on the social issues at hand and less on pregnancy as a punishment, we might be able to decrease, and furthermore end abortion all around the world.

If we would educate women on all the options they have instead of limiting their options to two, (birth or abortion, otherwise known as life or death) they might not be pushed into entering into an unwanted or a hesitant abortion. Besides abortion there are many options for women. Not only is adoption an option, but there are many places where women could seek assistance and provision that would aid them in raising their child. Some women may not have the support of their spouse, partner or family, but even then, there are plenty of strangers willing to care and support them. Feminists for Life’s College Outreach Program is an organization designed to provide resources for pregnant women such as housing, child care, maternity coverage, student health care, telecommunicating options and financial aid.

During this research period, I found out that the 6th annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity would be held on October 19th, 2010. I decided I would register my name on the silentday.org website. Here students and all participants would sign up by entering their name and school in order for the organization to keep count of the number of participants. The Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity is a silent protest where we could stand up against abortion and lose a voice for a day to represent every child that is silenced every day. I also attended a pregnancy and abortion seminar held in Queens College. This seminar was held the day before our silent protest, so that we may be educated on the issue and prepared to break our silence to answer questions on the matter. The QC Campus Crusade for Christ held this seminar and invited Nicole L. Baker, executive director of the Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center and Licensed Mental Health Counselor of NYS. Her presentation gave a full description of the abortion process. I was very surprised with the information I found out about abortions. A video clip was shown that gave us a better explanation on what is happening inside the uterus as doctors use special utensils like tongs to maneuver and get a grasp of the fetus. I was mostly surprised when I found out about the harms the process could have on the mother. I was already aware of the destruction and horrors being performed on the baby, but I did not know about the impacts it could have on the mother. I learned a lot of things I did not know about the ways this procedure could harm the woman’s reproductive organs in this workshop. Reproductive organs such as the uterus that are involuntary muscles that only expand when a woman is ready for labor, and by performing an abortion that occurs, surgical tools force pressure on the organs causing them to tear and cause infections. Nicole Baker also told us about how unaware some women that had had previous abortions were on the process. Also discussed the affects the media has on females and the way Hollywood presents abortion.

Mrs. Baker also told me about the power of medical institutions and they way they depend on abortions to make money. She also explained to me how many institutions will encourage abortions because of the economic benefits. She also gave me many examples of women who felt that an abortion was their only option. “Some of the women I have spoken to have told me that when going to a planned parenthood agency, they found workers to be very persuasive. They also felt that workers depicted abortion to be one of the best possible options without laying out all the other options.” Baker also told me that some women also change their mind about pregnancy after finding that her partner or family was not supportive of it. She gave me detailed examples that they encounter at her counseling center where social issues forced women into abortions. “While many women encounter an unplanned pregnancy, a vast amount of women have also admitted to having encounters with unwanted abortions,” said Baker.

I was also able to see this point of view when I found a Youtube video of an ex-Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson. While she had spent many years encouraging abortions, she had a change in mind after having a dramatic experience during an abortion she was asked to assist in. It was an ultra sound guided abortion and she was asked to hold the ultra sound probe so that the physician could see the woman’s uterus and fetus on the screen. Johnson saw the probe go into the woman’s uterus and she saw the baby moving away from the probe. She saw this act as a way of the baby fighting for life. She was shocked and terrified and she dropped the ultra sound. She knew at that moment that the baby was alive and did not ever want to work there again. She explains in her interview on Fox 5 with host Mike Huckabee that she was never aware of the actual process and had never seen an abortion performed. She also tells us that this is exactly what Planned Parenthood does not want their workers to see. It is also for this reason that ultra sound-guided abortions are rare. These ultra sound guided abortions also take up more time and Planned Parenthood’s goal is to perform as many abortions as possible in one day.

There were many questions I was faced with during the process of my project. Some asked me about the Morning After Pill, also known as the abortion pill, and others asked me about my feminist standpoint. My response towards the abortion pill was the same as it was towards a surgical abortion. A child begins its development at the moment of conception. The abortion pill prevents the embryo from attaching to the uterine wall, yet still, life begins as an embryo. Many women are unaware of the risks of the pill, and since it can be bought over the counter, they have taken it without caution. If you do not see a doctor about it, you can face health risks that also include death. When I was asked about being a feminist, I told people that I was indeed a feminist. I am a strong advocate of equal rights, but if one group achieves getting their rights, at the expense of another group, this is not equal. As an advocate of equal rights, I also support the rights of children. Abortion can in fact be discrimination based on age, size, location, disability or parentage, and I have no tolerance towards discrimination. Some other questions include rape or disabilities. If rape and disability is a reason good enough for ending a life, then consider the worth you are giving to individuals in our communities who are children of rape victims or disabled. You cannot give a life their worth based on their circumstance or size. An embryo is small, but so is a child. Does this in fact mean that a full grown adult has more rights than a 3-year-old child? In conclusion, when I think of abortion I have learned to think about my 3 and 2-year-old nephews, and I have learned to think about myself. I have learned to think about the genocides and holocausts of the past and passage of slavery different groups have had to face. I do not find this issue any different and I will not fight against this issue any differently. Everyone deserves a voice.

I conclusion, I found my song to be a good way to spread awareness as I have found several other artists who have fought this issue through their art. The media is a very strong tool and it connects people all around the world. I hope to continue work hard on this issue. The more aware people become, the more they continue to change their minds.

Bibliography (Work Cited)

Nicole L. Baker, executive director of the Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center and Licensed Mental Health Counselor of NYS

Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center
203-06 Rocky Hill Road, Bayside NY 11361

Baby fights for life Youtube video: Fox 5, Huckabee interview with Abby Johnson

Statistics: Allan Guttmacher Institute

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity:


Swim in an ocean of love. Live inside your Pepsi can. (Background: Soda can floating in an ocean of Pepsi fluid)

Which would you choose?

Which would you choose?
A smaller portion with a greater satisfaction. A safer drink in a better city.
(Background: New York City Skyline, with flowers and grass around the pepsi can)

Goals for the Semester

Some of my goals for the end of the semester include being able to impact people’s lives on the issue of abortion which I brought awareness of throughout the semester-long project. Recording the song I wrote (Heartbeat) for my project is my next challenge. I hope to eventually be able to make a better recording of it and maybe even copyright it as I have done with other songs I’ve written in the past.  I also hope to do well in all my other classes and put a lot of time into my studying so that may get really good grades on my finals.  I have to balance out time for my studies while also saving some time for me to memorize lines as I have an leading role in my church’s christmas play titled “More Than a Story. I’ve learned a lot this semester about the different writing approaches and tools that someone like me can use to raise awareness, promote or even protest against any issue I may feel passionate about. I hope to take those tools with me into the coming years and continue to improve my writing. Some questions that still remain are in regards to what can I do next when this class is over to continue on with my abortion project. Maybe I can even send some of my work to the people working with the annual Silent Day or with Standtrue. I hope to have a great end of the year and make some great memories during the holiday season spending it with family and loved ones. I guess that all I expect for the end of the semester is greatness and success in every event on my agenda, and  know that it will happen.

Project Progress

As I have begun to work on my abortion project I have become even more interested in the issue than I was when I first began. So far I have attended a Pregnancy an Abortion seminar on campus, participated in the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, and written my own song regarding my issue. I have become very involved in the cause and look forward to developing my project even further.

I have been doing online research and have also read through some of the resources and brochures provided to me by the speaker of the abortion seminar. I am currently in the process of scheduling an appointment with her to further expand my knowledge on the issue and to learn about the women that she works with. I am also planning to interview some of the participants of the day of silence and learn about their experience.

While at the pregnancy and abortion seminar, we discussed the media’s role in promoting abortion and I was interested in learning that the media lacks to really inform the public about some of the harms and dangers of abortion. I learned a lot about the actual process that the patient undergoes and learned about some of the health risks we don’t often hear about. My question right now is how can we ensure that, that information becomes more exposed? It was this reason exactly that pushed me forward to writing my song and using that form of communication to reach audiences. I’m sure that more visual presentations and media productions can help in presenting the opposing view of abortion that is often left in the shadows.

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