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A Freedom For Some.

Building from mythology unique to your community (geographic, ethnic, or cultural), develop an argument about a social or political issue that concerns you — e.g., explaining feminism through references to Pele, or describing the problems on Wall Street through the image of alligators in the sewers.

The Declaration of Independance tells us we have freedom of speech, and freedom of religion yet I see certain conflicts arising as certain groups are being limited in order to please other groups. I question why officials are so hesitant to grant religious groups permission to rally outside in their communities and express their beliefs, yet they applaud those who speak inappropriate slurs against political leaders. Every summer my church gets a sound permit to hold outside community events on weekends and spread a message of hope to the community. Still, I question why they only allow us to do so early, and give us an early permit until 8:00 pm, yet still my neighborhood abounds with noise until the wee hours of the early morning. I question why neighbors are allowed to have loud music on until 2 in the morning and to make a show after coming out of the clubs at midnight yet my church wants to extend an event until maybe 10 at night we are not granted that permission. I question why neighbors can call the cops on us for talking into microphones when we have a permit to do so and cops come to check in on our activity, but if neighbors have parties until late, the cops do not pay any mind to our complaints. I do not mind everyone having the freedom to express themselves, but I do not agree that some groups should be limited to please other groups. This is not equality. It is not equality when one group is silenced in order to give voice to another, it is equality when we hear the sounds of different voices, expressing different points of view, that can clearly show us a complete picture of what the world is really like and of all the different people the world is composed of.

One looks at me, and my exterior, and smiles with relief.

White skin, green eyes, long thin legs.

Another confused, hesitates before approaching me

“Donde puedo cojer el tren M?”

“En la proxima parada,” I surprise her, responding confidently.

I go home and hear my parents conversate

In the beautiful Spanish language I hope expertise to gain.

They call me gringa.

White skin, green eyes, long thin legs.

I’m an American citizen of Puerto Rican heritage, born in Spain.

Yet I can’t seem to find my place.

Deceiving in great extent is my appearance.

I gain acceptance in ways some of my race can’t

and it brings me guilt that I don’t have to suffer the same.

I’m Hispanic, but it doesn’t show

I’m Hispanic, but same may never know.

Because we label the ‘other’

According to shape, according to color.

But that is not my identity.

There’s more that you don’t see.

I’m not just…

white skin, green eyes, long thin legs.

Resistance Literature

Resistance literature is a way to express one’s sentiments towards a political or social issue occuring at the time in reacting against the authorities governing or ruling the people. Through resistance literature, authors can relieve themselves to an extent of the oppression and suffering they happen to be experiencing. It is a powerful way for them to state their opinion and have a voice in their society. Through resistance literature authors can encourage readers to take action and to become involved and make an impact on their society. It is a way to resist the powers trying to repress society and control their way of life.

I have been able to see how resistance literature can be a powerful tool or weapon in fighting against the injustices of society. In reading N.V.M. Gonzalez’s writing I learned that literature has the capacity to be political while it doesn’t have to necessarily be. Readers can interpret a novel or any piece of writing in any way they would like.

In reading certain novels, we are exposed to different areas of life and different cultures. The knowledge gained can cause us to react in many ways. We can be satisfied in knowing that we have broadened our perspective on other ways of life or we can be filled with sentiments of anger as we read about social injustices and want to bring change. Still, literature in no way has to forcefully impose any idea on its readers. It can clearly inform readers but allows readers to become involved in whatever way they would like.

As I continue to broaden my knowledge on literature, I have been able to read about different cultures and about the resistance certain groups have had to undergo in their countries. I am currently reading Dictee Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s and this book can also be considered a work of resistance literature. It reveals the truth about the repression Koreans faced under the powers of colonialization by countries such as Japan and even America. This book tells the stories of different women and shows us how they felt contained within their society and did not have freedom of expression. Through this book Cha was able to have a voice and resist the power of colonial powers.

Topic Proposal:

The main goal of this project is to bring awareness on the issue of abortion and to be informative on the reasons why I am against it. I am pro-life and believe strongly that abortion is ending the life of an already developing human being. The reason why I feel strongly about this issue is because I am very passionate about the development and growth of children. I feel that abortion is a way of limiting the rights of young children. Babies are human beings and should have their rights to their own life. Since babies are too young to speak, and are even more so restricted as they develop within the womb, I feel they need some assistance in having their rights protected. I would like to be a representative on their behalf on the rights they have to their own bodies. The reason why I believe that abortion can be considered murder is because abortions are performed on a fetus that has a beating heart and may already have developed a head, brain, eyes, arms, legs, fingers and toes. Abortions occur every day and have been going on since January 22nd, 1973.

Some interests I posses are writing especially through the form of poetry and lyrics and may use those as a creative tool in bringing awareness of this issue. I think that today’s society is greatly influenced and informed through the media and pop culture. For this reason I am exploring the option of possibly making a video to bring awareness. This video will inform viewers through a spoken word, poetic or musical performance. I am also considering the idea of adding the voices of people I interview to show different opinions. My presentation will include pictures and factual information too.

I would like to mainly address the female community as they are directly connected with this issue but will not be close-minded to male opinions. I would like to talk with people working in health organizations such as the Latino Commission on Aids. This organization works closely within the communities, especially to those of low-income and minority groups to bring awareness on different health issues. They go to many churches and religious affiliations to bring awareness on health issues. They began by bringing awareness on AIDS but have expanded to informing communities on all different types of health issues. I would also like to interview people participating in October 19th’s Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. In this day, students from different campuses around the US will have a silent protest in opposition to abortion. I too will participate in this silent protest.

I expect to encounter some conflict, due to the fact that this is a very controversial issue. Many people support abortion and it is widely becoming popular in many areas of the United States and the world. I respect everyone’s opinion and do not wish to condemn people according to their position within this issue. I just hope to bring awareness to others as to why I am against it rather than allow them to think of me as just a close-minded and ignorant. In actuality I am very sensitive to this subject and have open my mind to the idea that there is a voice that isn’t heard and those are the voices of the next generation. Some things that can be addressed regarding this topic are the different solutions and options that women confronting unplanned pregnancy have. Also we can address questions of why so many resolve to having unprotected sex. Another question to think about is how can we help and assist women suffering from depression due to regrets of having an abortion?

Poetry: Blossoms

I stand, wandering, about how, things are now.

I am changed, as I place, my hand, upon my bosom.

It covers my heart, underneath, it blossoms.

And my heart, grows, slow.

In the morn I am not scorned, not concerned with where I am.

I stand, face, to face,


In a trance, as I dance, and trace the spaces

between my heart and yours.

What I thought through, tough, and wish upon,

That love I long lived to see

How artificial in comparison with thee.

It was unknown dreaming, and knowingly deceiving.

Because this is more than one can want or expect.

It steals, heals, reveals, its true, being in, proof, that can’t be measured.

Appearances can only say so much

Reality screams out the power of your touch.

What seems to be is nothing

What is, is greater than

something, anything, everything.

And still will be nothing

compared to the feelings eyes can’t see.

Underneath my bosom, my heart blossoms

with love, for love, of, You.

Brianna Star, the famous circus ring leader walked out on stage brightly lit with a smile that melted the crowds. There was an uproar of shouting as they screamed her name, dancing around at the sound of music that began to play. As she danced the crowds went wild and a jungle of chaos broke. “We love Brianna,” read neon signs held up by groups of young girls, screaming and crying. “Brianna is my role model, I want to be just like her!” one girl said after the show was over.

After a loud weekend, Monday arrives; Brianna is passed out on the couch, and awakened only to the light coming in through the window. Although her room is filled with silence, her ears ring with the sounds of shrieking girls, “you are the most beautiful thing on earth!” She gets up and enters the bathroom staring at her pale face and rubbing her eyes, to notice that her nail polish is chipping, biting her dried lips, and breaking them. She washed her face with a deep cleansing moisturizer and accidentally dropped a second wedding ring down the drain. “Mann, oops I can’t believe I did it again.”

That day at an interview with Star Mania magazine, she was asked about her flawless complexion. “I have been blessed with great skin, there’s not much too it, I just drink tons of water.”

That night she got home tired and really thirsty; she walked into her kitchen and rummaging through her refrigerator grabbed a beer. “Forget water, now that really did quench my thirst,” she said laughing out loud.

After a few weeks of intense partying, and absences to work, she finally showed up to work. “Oh you finally decided to show up didn’t you?” her boss, Featherlion asked her. “I’m sorry that I didn’t contact you earlier but I had some clean sweepers at my house, cleaning it of some toxic waste products that some strangers planted in my home.”

“I’m tired of your lame excuses,” said Featherlion. “Say goodbye to your babies.”

Two lion cubs looked up at Brianna from their cages. Staring back at them she shed a tear and whispered to them “Don’t be a slave for him.”

Heyy everyone!

Heyy this is Noemi or Emi for short, and I’m just trying out the new blog and learn how to get the hang of it. I am a Junior English Major, also minoring in Journalism. I love to write, but I also love to sing. It is my passion, and I also write lyrics of my own. I was classically trained at Fiorello H. La Guardia HS of Performing Arts. Although I have decided to pursuit a career in the field of writing, I continue to sing on my spare time. I appear to be a quiet person, but once I’ve been given the opportunity I can be quite outspoken. Last but not least I am  proud Christian, who lives a faith-based lifestyle. I believe that nothing in life is guaranteed, except life itself which is a gift that only God gives.

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